Safety First is your one stop shop for all your Confined Space needs. We offer sales and rental of all the common Confined Space Equipment. Safety First can also train your employees in all the levels of Confined Space thus keeping your company compliant with the OSHA Confined Space Standard. In addition to the sales, Rental, and the training we also offer Stand By Rescue for your employees if the need arises. All of our employees are competent and carry American Red Cross Certification. Feel free to contact us for further information on the available equipment for your Confined Space needs.

Safety First has a team of Confined Space Specialists. The Safety First team is trained for specialized Confined Space conditions, and can provide solutions for the most difficult and unique situations. With proper procedures and assessments in place like Lock Out Tag Out, SDS sheets, and proper permitting, the Safety First team can assure you a peace of mind while working in these confined space areas.